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About Us

About Us

If you ever felt the frustration of a parent wanting the best for your child and simply not being able to find it, well, we know exactly how you feel! It’s actually how we decided to take the matter into our own hands and import high quality European children’s shoes to Australia.

Millipede Shoes is an Australian owned family business that prides itself in supplying high quality European shoes for kids ranging from toddler to teen sizes. We are the exclusive Australian distributor for multi award winning European shoes brand Befado.

Befado has been manufacturing shoes for over 80 years. They primary focus is the development, health and comfort of little feet. They combine experience and state of the art technology with the newest design trends to manufacture high quality footwear.

Befado footwear is manufactured in accordance with recommendations of orthopaedists from the Footwear Industry Institute in Poland, which for many years has been awarding Befado with Healthy Foot Certificate.

This certificate guarantees that the footwear manufactured by Befado ensures the correct development of children’s feet from the first steps of their life.

Made in versatile stunning colours and styles, using the highest quality natural textile, Befado shoes are made under strict European standard’s that do not allow the use of harmful or toxic substances in the production of children’s shoes. They have a lightweight, flexible and breathable sole. The upper is made of a high quality natural fabric to ensure comfort for developing feet.

Befado shoes are designed following the latest trends. Their high quality embroidery and sparkly elements make them even more appealing and very fashionable, striking and loved by kids. Widely tested by kids on the European market they are definitely the choice of caring, concerned parents and more importantly the best choice for your children. And…Are now available in Australia!